Community Project Planning

Enhancing community and academic ownership

One distinguishing feature of community-engaged teaching methods like service learning is that instructors make intentional efforts to involve multiple stakeholders as co-designers throughout all stages of the project. This means that community members are not simply recipients of a product or service. Rather, intentional effort is invested by instructors, students, and community partners to co-design project goals, methods, and effectiveness.

Integrating community project planning in a community-engaged course, as opposed to one focused on community outreach, involves adjusting course and project design strategies to enhance both community and academic ownership for project outcomes.

Depending on your disciplinary background and experience, community project planning may seem like a daunting prospect and leave you wondering where and how to begin. Involving community voices in your project planning can take several forms. Use the resources below to assist you in planning effective projects with community groups and organizations.

Course Planning: Ten things academic partners should discuss with community partners

Project Planning: Ten things community partners should discuss with academic partners